mandag den 21. juli 2014

HDHomeRun with Yousee: a8qam64-6900

I bought a second hand HDHomeRun, which apparently does not cater for that Yousee (our local cable tv provider) does things a little differently so you must explicitly mention:


For OS X, the command line after installing the SiliconDust software is

  hdhomerun_config xxxx set /sys/dvbc_modulation "a8qam64-6900"

(where xxxxx is the deviceid found with "hdhomerun_config discover")

(EDIT 2014-12-27: Apparently the 6875 is close enough to almost work, but after experimenting with the 4 tuner DVB-C model I found that I got a lot better results with 6900, as prompted by the Silicon Dust Windows configuration software).  Anyway EyeTV only works with the old model, not the new one.


for i in $(hdhomerun_config discover| awk '{if ($2 = "device"){print $3}}'); do echo $i; hdhomerun_config $i set /sys/dvbc_modulation "a8qam64-6900"; done