søndag den 27. juli 2008

OpenSolaris woes

I have played around with OpenSolaris 2008.05 a bit, and found that the updates are still sub-standard (why must I manually update grub when doing "pkg image-update"?). Additionally the fonts get very very ugly so I went back to the original install, which is where I will stay for a while yet.

I reinstalled to get a clean system, and have found some more fun stuff:

  • If your system gets an address with DHCP, and the system for some reason cannot keep the IP address, it does not automatically come back online when the network connection is reestablished (but zones do as they are statically configured, unfortunately you cannot come to the global zone from "inside" so it doesn't help much).
  • Tried getting a usable VirtualBox instance on my laptop - for some reason it just doesn't work well. Perhaps I am stuck with vmware for this, abeit I'd rather use virtual box as Sun is VERY interested in having this work well.
  • The Xming X server runs very well with OpenSolaris (http://www.straightrunning.com/XmingNotes/) also with Windows 2000 (an older version).
  • Now I cannot get the Bonjour stuff to work, so no names for me, just new exciting IP numbers to remember.
  • The SVC stuff is a nightmare to figure out how to get a simple java process (Jetty) to run at boot time. Sigh sigh sigh.
So currently there is progress to be made.

New blogging tool...

Got a reference to ScribeFire. This is the first test. Looks very interesting.